Clark Connect/ClearOS 

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Email Retention

Allows retention of all inbound and outbound Internet email

Note: This does not retain internal email, only Internet-based email



Create a user on the Clark box. This username will be the name of the email retention account.

Use Webmin to edit /etc/postfix/

Add the following line to the file, replacing <username> with the name of the user you just created:


Stop and restart the SMTP service. Be sure the SMTP and Webmail services are running and open the Webmail port (83) on the Clark Incoming Firewall. All Internet email will now be saved in the user email account and can be accessed by browsing to https://<ipaddress>:83 (Version 4.x) or https://<ipaddress>/webmail (Version 3.2). Log in using the username and password you created above.

Note, this file can get big in a hurry, so be sure to use Webmin to copy the user folder to your local PC and burn it to a CD/DVD, etc on a regular basis. The retention user folder is located in /var/spool/mail. When the copy is complete, delete the user folder (it will be recreated automatically) .

If needed, a new user can be created and the archived data copied into the new user folder. You can then access this archived data by logging in as the new user.



For installation assistance, please contact your CIBER Representative