Clark Connect/ClearOS 


Helpdesk Installation Procedure




Use the Clark Web GUI to Install MySQL and Email services on the Clark Box

Start the MySQL and Email services

Using the MySQL control panel, create a new database called helpdesk (use the default type - Collation)


At the Clark console (accessed via ALT-F2) type:


cd /root/ccinstall



When the install is complete, browse to http://<ipaddress>/helpdesk/utilities/setup_server.php to continue setup


Set Server DNS name to the ip address of the Clark box external interface

Set the One or Zero Web Alias to helpdesk

Set the MySQL username to root

Enter the root password to the Clark box

Set the MySQL Database Name to helpdesk

Set the One or Zero Tablename Prefix to helpdesk_


Next, browse to http://<ipaddess>/helpdesk/utilities/install.php and complete install setup


Use Webmin to rename or delete the /var/www/html/helpdesk/utilities folder. The Helpdesk will not start until this is done.


Helpdesk is accessed by browsing to http://<ipaddress>/helpdesk 


Login and use the Control Panel to configure the Helpdesk Categories and Settings to your preferences


To configure the Helpdesk to send emails when tickets are generated and updated:


Install and enable SMTP mail on the Clark box. 


Go to the Control Panel, OneorZero Settings and set:

SMTP Status: PHP Config

Linux Sendmail path: /usr/sbin/


Set each Administrator/Task Manager with a Pager email address. You will also want to create a task group and set it to the default task group, otherwise everyone, including all users get emailed tickets.



For installation assistance, please contact your CIBER Representative