Clark Connect/ClearOS Internet Filtering

Last Update: February 26, 2017

MDE no longer hosts the Clark/ClearOS Scripts

The scripts have been made available here for your convenience

Please read the script installation instructions for the new scripts installation procedure

Clark/ClearOS Version 5.1 is still the preferred version

Version 7 Scripts are in development

They should be available in Spring 2017

For installation assistance, please contact your CIBER Representative

Clark Connect/ClearOS Version 5.1 Script Installation Process

Clark Connect/ClearOS Helpdesk Installation Procedure (all versions)

Clark Connect/ClearOS  Email Retention Setup Instructions (all versions)

Clark Connect/ClearOS Network Monitoring System (all Clark versions)

Clark Connect/ClearOS Realtime Mail Log (all Clark versions)

Update History :

February 26, 2107

Removed Version 6.x Installation Files

Updated Information Page

December 4, 2012

Added scripts ISO for 32 bit version of 6.3

November 29, 2012

Added Blacklist Update and current updates

November 26, 2012

Added ClearOS 6.3 64 bit Installation Process and install files

July 13, 2012

Added ClearOS 6.2 Installation Process and install files

May 14, 2012

Scripts moved to new web site. Removed all outdated information and links.

April 16, 2010

Posted Clamav Patch and Patch instructions for version 4.2

February  21, 2010

Version 5.1 released for production use.

April 21, 2009

Updated scripts to incorporate critical patch to fix Dansguardian-av Antivirus configuration after Critical Updates. 

Added critical patch to fix Dansguardian-av Antivirus configuration error caused by Clark Connect Critical Updates. This patch is only needed on a previously functioning Version 4.2 Content Filter where DansGuardian cannot be started after the updates.

December 02, 2008

Updated scripts to incorporate critical patch to fix Dansguardian-av symbolic link. Also fixed minor issues in DNS configuration, log rotation settings and log folder permissions. Updated Help Desk to add support for years 2008-2010 in searches.

November 17, 2008

Added critical patch to fix Dansguardian-av symbolic link deleted by Clark Critical Updates on new install. This patch is only needed on a new installation after running the critical updates for the first time. This patch will be rolled into the standard install scripts in the next script update due the week of Nov 24.

June 20, 2008

Updated DansGuardian config in Installation Scripts to address intermittent problems accessing certain https sites when using Clark box with the secure proxy in the Browser settings. This is a minor update and does not need to be applied to existing boxes. See the HTTPS issue link to apply the change to existing boxes if needed. You will only need to do this is you are using the Clark box as a secure proxy in the Browser settings and are having problems accessing https sites.

March 29, 2008

Updated squid configuration for multiple subinterfaces/route handling

Updated Dansguardian configuration to force safe search on Google and Yahoo images

February 23, 2008

Scripts for Version 4.2 released

January 13, 2008

Added Realtime Mail Log 

January 4, 2008

Added Network Monitoring System 

Added Patch for viewing Archived Web Filter Logs

December 26, 2007

Added Enhanced Firewall for 3.2 - includes blocking by MAC address

Enhanced Firewall for 4.1 now includes blocking by MAC Address 

Added Email Retention for all inbound/outbound Internet email 

Added Instructions on how to send email from Helpdesk system on Helpdesk Installation

November 07, 2007

Added Enhanced Firewall for 4.1

September 27, 2007

Added Scripts for 4.1, updated Webmin version on 4.1

September 24, 2007

Added NAT disable procedure for version 4.x. Added web script install procedure for version 3.2. Added email patch for version 4.1. Added Webmin install procedure for version 3.2, added blacklist update patch for version 3.2.

November 05, 2006

Minor script changes for version 3.2. Corrected Log Rotation schedule to rotate monthly instead of weekly and save 12 months of logs instead of 52 weeks. Modified dansguardian.conf file to stop duplicate logging to dansguardian_access.log and adjusted tuning parameters. These are minor corrections and are not required for current installations.

October 15, 2006

Version 4.0 has been tested and is ready for use. Version 4.0 scripts do not use a CD for installation. Scripts are installed directly from the MDE web site. Installation instructions posted. 

Scripts for version 4.0 disable the LAN IP NATing by default. Added command option to reinstate/disable LAN IP NATing as desired. Disabling NATing eliminates the need for the POSTROUTING statements in IPTABLES for email servers, etc.

The LAN IP NATing in Version 3.2 can also be disabled or reinstated. See the link above for patch installation details.

A web-based helpdesk system has been added. See the link above for installation details.

Version 3.2 registrations are valid until August 2008. Version 4.0 registrations are valid until August 2007. Version 3.2 is the preferred version at the present time.

August 12, 2006

Site moved to

Version 4.0 Beta 2 released, scripts are in development.

June 26, 2006

Version 3.0 removed. All new installs should be version 3.2

May 21, 2006

New Version 3.0 and 3.2 installation scripts. Version 3.1 scripts discontinued, use version 3.2 scripts if needed. Minor formatting changes to log displays. Logs are now rotated to var/logs/dansguardian/oldlogs. Moved new blocked site entry to top of page. Added dansguardian restart to rsync cron job. Squid now has recommended parameters preset.

February 10, 2006

Version 3.2 has successfully completed production testing with no problems. The installation process is slightly different for version 3.2. Please use the 3.1/3.2 Installation checklist in the PowerPoint Presentation.


The Ethereal Installation, Rsync URL Block list synchronization scripts and NTOP are now included on the Scripts CD ISO image files. 

To install ethereal run: ./ccinstall/ethereal_inst

To install Rsync, run : ./ccinstall/dgrsync_setup

To install NTOP, run: ./ccinstall/ntop_install


The addition of these packages can significantly increase the CPU load on the box. A minimum of 1Ghz CPU with 512M RAM is recommended.

Version 3.1 and 3.2 Installation Scripts are now posted.

Version 3.2 has completed lab testing and script development. Production testing is scheduled for Dec 2005. Please use version 3.0 or 3.1 until production testing is complete (estimated Jan 2006). No problems have been encountered with version 3.2 in a lab setting. Use the Installation Checklist for version 3.1 to install version 3.2

For installation assistance, please contact your CIBER Representative