Clark Connect/ClearOS 

Version 5.x

Script Installation


Last Update: July 2, 2012


Note: Scripts do not use a CD for installation. 

Scripts are now installed directly from the Sunrise Innovators web site. 

The scripts will install Webmin automatically.


To install scripts for Version 5.x:


Build and register the box

Note: You will need to do the basic installation setup from either the graphical console or a workstation on the Internal subnet. Access from the External subnet is not enabled until the basic setup is complete. If you need to create an account to register the box, use the link on the console GUI.


Install Critical Updates 


At the console (accessed via CTRL-ALT-F2) type:


mkdir /root/ccinstall


cd /root/ccinstall




This will download the script installer. When it is downloaded type:


chmod 755 webscripts51.txt



The installer will download the scripts and install them automatically.

When the script completes, you can do the following:


cd /root/ccinstall

./scripts51 (required for content filtering)

./ethereal_inst (optional - to install ethereal)

./ntop_install (optional - to install NTOP)

./dgrsync_setup (optional - to configure block list synchronization)

./helpdesk_install (optional - to install helpdesk)

./nms_install (to install Network Monitoring System)

./maillog5 (optional - to install Realtime Email log display)

./snmp_install to install SNMP monitoring features


CTRL-ALT-F7 returns you to the Console GUI


When you have finished the script installation, access the Web Configuration GUI and start the desired services.


Reboot the Box.


Important Note: The scripts default to removing the IP NATing of the LAN subnet. 

If you wish to reinstate the LAN IP NATing type:




and to reinstate it type:






For installation assistance, please contact your CIBER Representative